Flexible Enough To Fit, Ready to Run

Aviator runs on anything with Java, and is designed to plug in to your choice of data store and consensus mechanism (other language support on the roadmap)

Built on Enterprise Technologies

The framework was built by accomplished enterprise developers who understand what it takes to create enterprise applications

If you use Java, Javascript, NoSQL, and Relational DB’s you are ready for Aviator


Aviator networks are fault tolerant and resistant of DDOS attacks utilizing recent breakthroughs in distributed computing security

Interchange Consensus Algorithms !

Develop and deploy on one blockchain today, change to another if the future situation warrants it


Flattening the Learning Curve

Created to be easy to use for developers, using the tools, skills and programming models already known. If you can code in Java, you can code for Aviator.

The Biggest Toolbox - Built to Build on

Aviator was built so you can start sooner and a build faster to make it easier for you to start building your DLT or Blockchain faster.

Tools include: Code Generators, Debugging Tools, Database Connectors, Smart Contract plug-ins, Transaction Management & Monitoring Tools

Manageable at Any Scale

Visual Network Design, Automated Deployment, and a Management Console help make the Aviator Framework scalable to grow and develop with your organization.


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Protect & Control Your Data Easy, Free, Fast

No Spam - No Viruses

Secure & Completely Private

Today’s free services make you the product.

You can do better with Aviator Mail by TxMQ.

Aviator Mail is an email service that utilizes a micropayment system (fractions of a penny) that ensures you don’t get spam unless you opt-in, but if you do...you will earn. Control your digital life, control your inbox, and monetize your time and attention along the way.

You and your data have value. We’re just helping you collect on that.

Take flight in your DLT development with Aviator today!
Reach out for more information on how to get started.

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